Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In the Backseat with Serene: Hot Host Takes us for a Spin Around the 2011 New York Auto Show

Even though it may sound blatantly stereotypical to say that the majority of men like hot cars and women, well, deep inside we all know it’s true. Therefore, we can’t blame the organizers of the 2011 New York Auto Show for trying to combine the two to promote the event to the public, or at least to the social media-active male population.

If you’re still with us and haven’t followed the jump to enjoy the clips, allow us to introduce Serene; the attractive and playful female host of the 2011 New York Auto Show’s “After Dark” video series.

Serene takes us for a tour around the Jacob Javits Center, while also asking questions of the sort, “Which car has the best backseat for...ya know...backseat fun?”. Feel free to enlighten Serene with your answers in the comments section after the jump…

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